Grab Your Life Back

If you feel like is passing you by, then you’ll want to see “Grab Your Life Back”.  I speak with America’s most powerful motivators about how they made extraordinary and empowered changes in their lives.

Mastin Kipp: Purpose, Passion, and Transformation

I am excited to introduce you to my first guest, Mastin Kipp, author of Claim Your Power, a 40-day Journey to dissolve hidden blocks that keep you stuck.

Mastin’s life wasn’t always this way. One day he asked himself, “How can I feel as good off the drugs and alcohol as I did on the drugs and alcohol?” That’s when his life changed.

He was living in LA trying to live a rock star life. His life was all about depression and addiction. Drugs and alcohol were his life. One day his pain drove him to rock bottom.

Like many addicts, Mastin was an overachiever basing his self-worth on success as society defines it. His addiction was a solution to his problems, a self-destructive solution. Addiction didn’t bring him bliss or long-term happiness.

He had to find his life purpose to recover and transform his life.

In this episode, Mastin teaches us how he turned his life around and rediscovered his purpose.  And shares how he now lives a life of fulfillment and happiness addiction-free.

Ben Nemtin: Big Goals, Accountability, and No Fear

My second guest is Ben Nemtin, author, and founder of the Buried Life movement.

Ben had an academic scholarship.  He was on the rugby team, preparing for the World Cup in France when he was crippled by high expectations.  He stopped sleeping and fell apart. He was dropped from the team and left school.  Depressed, he knew he had to make a change.

First, he started surrounding himself with things that inspired him. He asked for support from his family and started therapy. He started to think about his purpose in life. He started to talk to his friends. They imagined what would happen if they could do anything they wanted. And so they created an epic bucket list. Since they also wanted to do something meaningful, they decided to help a stranger every time they crossed something off their list.  And this turned into a lifestyle and passion.

In this episode, Ben shares his story and talks about how to pursue your dreams.

Hélène Stelian: Women, Perfectionism, and the Empty Nest

My last guest, Hélène Stelian, is a women’s expert, life coach and author helping women to find themselves and avoid developing a bad case of an empty syndrome.

Hélène herself went through a personal transformation. At one point in her life, she wanted to be perfect but never felt good enough. It is common among women to be raised to take care of others.  Hélène, however, didn’t simply want to take care of others, she wanted to be perfect. As a result, she ended up developing anorexia and anxiety. Her first marriage was failing and her job wasn’t right for her. Perfection was too much pressure she was putting on herself. It was also impossible to achieve.

Hélène knows that change is hard. Once you start heading down a path, it is difficult to change even if it’s not the right path.

But Hélène is empowering women to find their voice, use their voice, and be authentic. In this episode, we hear her personal story and how she goes about every day doing this noble work.

You Can Grab Your Life Back

It is never too late to change your life. “What do I need to feel the way I want to feel?” is the right starting question to ask. Then dig deeper to see what problems you like to solve, what your interests are, and what is the bigger picture.

If what’s familiar is not working, you can leave. You don’t have to stay at a soul-sucking job or another miserable situation just to make people happy. Stop people pleasing. Take care of yourself first. Feed your soul.

As Brene Brown said, “You’ve got to live your bravest life.” You’ve got to be authentic. You’ve got to follow your passions and dreams. Step by step, you can transform your life.

If you feel like life is running away from you, you can grab it back.