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Episode Overview:

Everybody’s hair is different because there are so many combinations of hair types.  But it seems no matter what type of hair you have, it’s likely at some point in your life you’ve experience at least one hair problem.  Nutritional deficiencies can affect your hair as it requires the same well-balanced diet of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients our bodies need to maintain good health.  In this episode, Dr. Nandi interviews guests who share how they have suffered hair loss and dry, brittle hair .  Experts will provide details on why hair sheds, thins, how to handle dandruff, stop hair damage, control frizz and provide tips on shampooing, coloring, natural products and extensions.

Partha’s RX:

  1. A healthy diet does improve your hair, keeping it strong and lustrous.  Make sure to include essential fatty acids in your diet with foods like salmon, tuna and other fatty fish, along with fruits, vegetables and protein  in your diet.

  2. When shampooing, concentrate on the scalp.  Always use conditioner on the ends of the hair.  If you’re African American, wash & condition hair once a week or every other week. .

  3. Blow-drying, coloring, bleaching and over-brushing can damage your hair.   Doing less leads to healthier and shinier hair.

  4. If you are concerned about thinning hair, a receding hairline or any aspect of your scalp, please see a dermatologist as they specialize in treating skin and hair.


Guest Including:

Dr. Wendy Sadoff, MD Dermatologist

Ayanna Madison, Experienced Hair Loss

Rob Willis, Education Director at Groganics

Samantha Proffer, Color and Extension Specialist

Kokugonza Mugarula, Experienced Hair Problems

Tracy Deck, Natural Hair Specialist at Universal Beauty Products

Deborah Kirksey,  Brand Manager and Cosmetologist


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