Medical Miracles 2

Even though western medicine is the gold standard in healing, we’ve all heard stories of times when acts of healing happen outside the realm of modern medicine. As a doctor, I love science and totally embrace western medicine, but along with all the advantages, I’ve seen the disadvantages as well. I’ve also seen methods of healing that cannot be scientifically explained.

In Medical Miracles part 2, I explore some astounding healing techniques. I’ve gathered friends and experts, who share their extraordinary gifts and talents with me. It’s all part of my constant search for ways to enrich your life through better wellness and health.


Jennifer Hough is the facilitator of Awakening, she suffered from debilitating migraines for four long years. Jennifer shares the epiphany she had, as she lay curled up in a ball suffering from yet another vicious headache. She remembered how she was able to disassociate herself from pain when she went to the dentist. She didn’t even need Novocaine during treatments. That lead Jennifer to begin questioning whether she could do the same thing with her migraines. During our interview, Jennifer explains the process she went through to free herself from pain, without the use of medicine.

Jennifer also talks about future projecting and excavating. She says wheels get put into motion when you project a different future for yourself. “Here’s the thing that people don’t realize. When you do that, you actually create a living entity,” Jennifer says, “it creates a thought form that you can build on.” But, people tend to spend their time excavating their life instead, Jennifer tells me, they will focus on what they don’t like, what they want to change. Jennifer and I discuss her thought process and how she built the bridges in her brain that brought her to the fundamental premises she says saved her life.


My personal friend Gary Stuart is truly gifted. A master Constellation facilitator and transformational speaker, among other talents. Gary has been investigating and experiencing deep healing processes for the past 40 years. He explains that constellation is basically the mapping of our ancestral DNA. In other words, we all have the blueprints in our DNA from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond. Gary tells me how that can affect us emotionally and physically in our daily lives.

Science is calling it epigenetics, the study of how we can control our DNA’s response to certain stimulations, without changing the DNA itself. Gary and I talk about how he is able to use someone’s constellation, almost like a spiritual healer. “You go into the spirit world to get to the answer, to give to the person who’s ill or has disease in their life,” Gary says. “Once that truth is there, they can become whole again.” Gary also answers a social media question, from Nora in Texas, she wants to know what she can do to break free of potential issues that originate in her ancestry.


Dr. Lin Morel is a holistic healthcare practitioner and stress management consultant, as well as a very good friend of mine. Dr. Morel and I discuss what is meant by the “soul”, that indefinable life force we all have. Dr. Morel says she believes the soul is about love, it’s here to learn, have experiences and put a loving energy into the world. Have you ever noticed how your own mood and energy are affected by the people around you? Dr. Morel explains what’s happening to us, “Because we are electromagnetic beings. We pick up people’s energies,” Dr. Morel says, “If somebody in the room was angry, we may walk out feeling angry and wonder why.”  Dr. Morel and I talk about how your health can be affected by the energy you take in and put out.


Angelica Singh is the founder and creator of a holistic approach to healing called The Embodiment Process. Angelica was suffering horrible and debilitating, eight-hour-long anxiety attacks that left her feeling completely drained. Angelica tells me about the steps she took searching for some relief. She took up yoga and massage therapy, which she says did give her some temporary respite. But, Angelica tells me, even more anxiety would return and she started to recognize how deeply affected she’d been by traumatic events from her childhood.  Angelica shares the story of her medical miracle through self-love, “So I came to it from suffering and anxiety and I walked out of it with a transformative, empowering experience.” We share Angelica’s revolutionary program, so others who are suffering can learn how she took her healing into the very core of her being.


Jyothi Joseph helps children learn focus, self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and more, through Brighter Minds. Jyothi tells me that although 82 percent of parents are reporting their children are performing better at school, this is not an academic program. In fact, you’ll see demonstrations that seem impossible. While blindfolded, 10-year-old Maladhi and 13-year-old Reena are actually able to read and determine the colors of objects. Now, I have to admit, I was skeptical myself, but when I saw these amazing young girls actually doing this, I needed to know how it was possible. “These very simple set of tools somehow seem to open out the mind and allow the brain to have a whole set of experiences and intuition,” Jyothi explains. She says the training happens in a very positive, nonjudgmental environment and that allows the children’s natural abilities to come through.

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