Menopause Solutions

Episode Overview:

Hot flashes.  Night sweats.  Those are two symptoms women around the world recognize as signs of menopause.  It affects women differently and symptoms can range from mild to the extreme.  It marks the end of fertility and many women enjoy no longer getting their monthly menstrual periods.  But for some, the physical symptoms can disrupt their sleep, lower their energy, create mood changes, thin their hair, slow their metabolism down and make them gain weight more easily. For those who are not happy with these symptoms and are looking for solutions, this is the show for you.

Partha’s RX:

  1. Keep up your regular doctor’s appointments during perimenopause for preventive health care and any medical concerns. Continue with those regular appointments during and after menopause.

  2. If you’re dealing with hot flashes… keep a journal of what triggers your hot flashes so you can avoid them… possible triggers are caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, stress or being in a hot place.

  3. A goodnight’s sleep is your friend when going through menopause.  It can help with memory issues and help you better deal with mood swings

  4. And, speaking of sleep… if menopause is keeping you awake at night, make sure you get plenty of physical activity during the day, don’t drink caffeine after noon, avoid a heavy meal, smoking or alcohol right before bedtime and keep your room dark and cool.

Guests Including:

Tonda Hatchett, Early Menopause

Brian Torok, M.D.. Chief, OBGYN Department, Troy Beaumont Hospital

Diana Quinn, ND, Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor

Jill Blakeway M.S. L.Ac.Founder, The YinOva Center

Liza Baker, Menopause Issues

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