Pharmaceuticals: Pros & Cons

Episode Overview:

Dr. Nandi invites a patient, pharmacist, lawyer and legislator to explain the inflated costs of pharmaceuticals. Americans spent a record 374 BILLION dollars on pharmaceuticals in 2014. On average every American pays $1,000 per person, per year on pharmaceuticals. The amount of families who have spent more on prescriptions in a year than the average household income in the United States has jumped 63 percent since 2013.  A shocking one in five U.S. adults do not fill their prescriptions or have skipped doses because of the costs of medicines. High pharmaceutical prices are due to research and development in science and technology. In addition, that hefty price tag funds new innovative medicines and complex diseases, which have led to miracle breakthroughs in the medical field.

Partha’s Prescriptions:

  1. Advocate for yourself – research financial assistance, foundations and patient support groups.

  2. Ask your pharmacist or doctor for a generic option. It could help you afford your medicines without losing quality.

  3. Part of the profits of pharmaceuticals provides funds for drug research, development and accessibility. New drugs that fight disease can be developed with these funds.

  4. Check with the drug manufacturer for reimbursement support.  This support can help you afford your medicines.

Guest Including:

Carole Auslander, Medication Recipient

Thomas P. Stossel, M.D., American Cancer Society Professor of Medicine

Mark Fendrick MD, Center for Value Based Insurance Design, University of Michigan

Brian Mahany, Whistleblower Lawyer

Annette M. Karageanes, MS. RPh., Contract Portfolio Director, Beaumont Health

Rocky Raczkowski , Former State leader, Michigan House of Representatives

Greg Gnyp, Canadian Resident

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