Super-Charge Your Health

In our modern world, we are living in a state of stress, overwhelm, and clutter. Trust me, I know all about this as a busy physician. I also know that stress and anxiety can damage your blood vessels and increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

So how can you reduce stress and increase your health and well-being? In this episode, you will learn powerful tips on how to create more space in your life and how to improve your well-being through meditation. Making small, but powerful changes in your life to create health and happiness is absolutely crucial.

Ms. Emily Fletcher on Meditation

One of my guests on this episode is Ms. Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation.  She was featured in The NY Times and named top 100 women in wellness to watch by Mindbodygreen. She was on Broadway for 10 years, but her life was stressful. It was all about the next show and the next agent. Then she found meditation and her life forever changed. She actually became more passionate about it than Broadway!  For Emily, meditation helped with her performance, insomnia, and reduced the frequency of illness. She was so passionate that she trained to become a teacher and founded Ziva. In this episode, Ms. Fletcher and I discuss how stress can impact your body and the memory in your body. We also talk about how mindfulness meditation can impact your life.

Ms. Ivy Ellerby on Emotional and Physical Clutter

My other guest today is Ms. Ivy Ellerby, the author of the Spiritual Feng Shui for Mind Body and Spirit. Ms. Ellerby is a feng shui expert. She basically goes into people’s homes giving recommendations on how to manage energy there. She can help with clutter. All kinds of physical clutter: the junk drawer, the room that you prefer to hide behind closed doors, expired food, and so on. However, energetic clutter is even more important to take care of than physical clutter    – and that’s the clutter of the mind. It can be emotional, mental, or spiritual clutter. Deadlines, uncleaned inboxes, one-sided friendships and so on can all lead to emotional and mental clutter. Clutter fills up our modern day life without us realizing it.   And it can become overwhelming and paralyzing, negatively impacting our health and well-being. This is why Ms. Ellergy and I discuss how to create more space in your life and live more clutter-free.

In ‘Super-Charge Your Health’, my guests and I discuss powerful tips on how to create more health and happiness in your life. To help you live a more serene life, reduce clutter in your home to create a calmer, more simpler environment.  You can do things like meditate to reduce brain chatter. Go back to nature. Eat good plant-based foods and use natural remedies, like essential oils to improve your well-being.

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