True Meaning of Life

Episode Overview:

The Meaning of Life: to some it is noble thoughts, noble words spoken and noble deeds done. There are indefinite possibilities and uncanny answers for every individual. These answers can vary depending on age, religion and finances. On this episode, we have some amazing people who will share with us their experiences, and how they found The True Meaning of Life and how spiritual health affects our physical health.

Partha’s RX:

  1. Discovering what your meaning in life is can help your physical and mental health. If you know why you’re here, you’ll be more driven to take the steps needed to reach your goals, and be less stressed.

  2. Faith can be a powerful motivator and provide both meaning and comfort. If you feel lost, do not be afraid to reach out to a religious leader for guidance.

  3. Even though 99% of human DNA is the same, we’re all unique. Spend time getting to know yourself. Meditation, journaling, yoga, or artistic expression may help you find the meaning of life, and keep your mind active and healthy as well.

  4. Doing good to others can be a joy and and increase our own health and happiness

Guests Including:

Eben Alexander – MD and Author

Imam Elahi – Islamic House of Wisdom

Tim Holzerland – Pastor, Lutheran Church

Paul Glantz – CEO of Emagine Entertainment

Shernaz Minwalla – President of Zoroastrian Association of Michigan

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