Dr. Partha Nandi talks with Dr. Gail Parker as she shares her methods of healthiness through yoga therapy. Asa Bey also stops by to give insight into meditation and how it is important to fight sickness. Actress Leila Almas reveals how she saved her career through meditative practice. Dr. Dianne Mueller and Dr. Miles Nichols discuss their treatments for helping clients through their practice. And Sayum Simunye demonstrates breathing methods to aid in finding your spiritual center.

Notable Guests

Gail Parker

Dr. Gail Parker, Ph.D., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, is a psychologist and a certified yoga therapist. Dr. Parker is a life long practitioner of yoga and is well known for her pioneering efforts to blend psychology, yoga, and meditation as effective self-care strategies that enhance emotional balance, and contribute to the overall health and well-being of practitioners. Dr. Parker’s area of expertise includes utilizing and teaching Restorative Yoga and meditation as self-care practices for managing ethnic and race based traumatic stress.

Dr. Parker teaches mind/body strategies to aspiring yoga therapists for reducing stress and healing emotional trauma at the Beaumont Hospital School of Yoga Therapy in the department of Integrative Medicine in Royal Oak Michigan.

Dr. Parker authors a blog called Taking Yoga Off Your Mat, has authored The Art and Skill of Restorative Yoga, and Restorative Yoga for Resilience, accessible on her website. She is a featured author in the newly released book Yoga Rising: 30 Empowering Stories From Yoga Renegades for Every Body and is currently authoring a book on Restorative Yoga for ethnic and race based stress and trauma. Learn more at drgailparker.com

Leila Almas

Leila Almas, an American actress and writer, has undergone surgeries for physical injuries, auto-immune disease, and unforeseen health complications. Upon taking notice of her unhealthy anxiety prior to her most recent surgery, she set out to transform her mindset. She studied the connection between negative thoughts and the body’s ability to heal. Almas juggles her film, theatre, and television career with research on the mind-body connection, especially focusing on the effects of emotional stress on the physical body. She spent time working as a guest writer for “Willy’s Kitchen”, a children’s health and cooking show, and she enjoys inspiring others to find fun and balance in their journeys toward health. Her new guidebook, “HEALING CUTIE”, inspires shifting perspectives to help the body heal from the inside out. She lives in New York and Los Angeles with her husband.  Learn more at instagram.com/theleilaalmas

Asa Lockett-Bey

Asa Lockett-Bey is the founder and originator of Solar Powered Sundays, a metaphysical health class offered every 1st and 3rd Sunday in downtown Detroit. He is the protege of the late Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon who spearheaded the metaphysical community here in metro Detroit. Outside of teaching downtown, Asa offers his services as a health consultation and coach through his umbrella company Supreme Self Love. His mission is to empower the original people of the planet earth with the tools necessary to regenerate their bodies and minds back into optimal conditions. Asa specializes in redirecting the physical body back in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth’s electromagnetic field. His mantra of choice is “I am actively transforming into the greatest version of myself.” Learn more at supremeselflove.com

Miles Nichols

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc is the co-owner of Medicine with Heart, a clinic that serves people who are struggling with chronic illness to recover their health through functional medicine and mindfulness. Dr. Miles’ personal health struggle with chronic fatigue was not helped by conventional medicine. Dr. Miles found functional medicine and mindfulness practices that allowed him to identify a thyroid imbalance, mold toxin illness, a gut infection, and chronic Lyme co-infections. After recovering his health, Dr. Miles made it his mission to help others reverse chronic health concerns.

Dr. Miles is a national speaker and co-author of the book “Stress Resilience”. He and his wife Dr. Diane Mueller also co-founded the Mindfulness Medicine Certification Program, a functional medicine certification training other doctors to get better clinical results with a mindfulness-based approach to functional medicine. Dr. Miles’ vision is for a world full of healthy, happy, loving people. A world largely free of chronic disease. Learn more at medicinewithheart.com

Diane Mueller

Dr. Diane Mueller ND, DAOM, LAc is the co-owner of Medicine with Heart, a clinic which bridges the gap between functional medicine and mindfulness. As a survivor of Lyme Disease, Chronic Mold Illness, IBS and many other disease processes, she deeply connects to her patients and their unique struggle and journey. Dr. Diane’s work is rooted in deeply understanding the mechanism behind disease so that she can help to reverse chronic disease in her patients and contribute to ending the chronic disease epidemic we are facing.

She is a national speaker and co-author of the book, Stress Resilience. She and her husband, Dr. Miles, co-founded a functional medicine certification program called the Mindfulness Medicine Certification Program, through which they certify practitioners all over the country in a mindfulness based approach to functional medicine Learn more at medicinewithheart.com

Sayum Simunye

After finding a natural interest in the sciences of health at a young age Sayum now has over 20 years of research and practice in various system’s of vitality, fitness and wellness. During this journey Sayum discovered that achieving lifetime vigor and youthfulness are achieved by attaining FFS: Flexibility, Fluidity and Strength.

Having and maintaining FFS not only in the body, but the mind and the body’s internal energy system is the key in avoiding many of the serious dis-eases far too many people face today. This discovery has lead to Sayum investing well over a decade perfecting a system which he calls “Metachi” which allows one to simultaneously and harmoniously restore and maintain FFS in the body, energy system and mind. Sayum has taught this system to others and as a result has helped people overcome a variety of chronic conditions. To learn more about the Metachi system and even book a consultation go to metachifit.net

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