Henry Ford Health System prepares to receive COVID-19 vaccines


Both of the new vaccines are temperature sensitive.  Meaning they must be moved at very cold temperatures or they could become ineffective. That is why Henry Ford has just purchased 6 specialized freezers that could hold either or both vaccines.  Moderna hasn’t yet applied for emergency authorization yet while Pfizer has. Pfizer will be providing special dry ice containers for shipping. And these containers will maintain the ultra-cold interior temperature for 15 days.

Pfizer Approval Date

It is a possibility that the State of Michigan could start receiving Pfizer’s vaccine by December 12th.  Michigan should be receiving several thousands of doses before the end of the year.  Regardless of timing, the frontline workers will be the first to receive the vaccine because at first supply will be limited. We must first protect those caring for all of the sick and hospitalized. After them, the most vulnerable will be vaccinated, like older folks in care facilities and anyone with underlying health conditions. The general public will be last, and will likely start getting vaccinated once the supplies increase, closer to spring.

Side Effects

The data shows that most people handled the vaccines very well but a few did experience side effects which we should all be prepared for.  No matter what, getting COVID could be much worse, especially for our vulnerable population.  But we should still be prepared that getting vaccinated could make a person feel sick as some side effects are fevers, bad headache, and fatigue. For the most part though many were fine and had no side effects at all.

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