Healthy gentle parenting is a non-violent way of raising children. It aims at promoting the well-being of the child rather than obedience. Healthy gentle parenting is not permissive. It is not letting your kids do whatever they want. It is not about being nice to your kids. It is not letting your kids get away with anything. Healthy gentle parenting is about connection. It is about being intentional with your words and actions. It is about being respectful and thoughtful towards your child. It is about making sure that your child feels loved, validated, and accepted no matter what.

Healthy gentle parenting is a mindset, a way of raising our children with love, patience, and kindness. By being more conscious of our actions and words, we can all incorporate healthy parenting techniques into our daily lives. Healthy parenting is about creating a safe, nurturing environment where children can grow and thrive. There are many ways to practice healthy parenting, and the exact techniques will vary based on each family’s unique needs and situation. Some of the most important principles of healthy parenting are consistency, balance, empathy, and mindfulness.

4 Reasons A Narcissistic Ex Alienates Your Children

4 Reasons A Narcissistic Ex Alienates Your Children

This article was originally published on Navigating through a high conflict divorce is extremely difficult. Navigating through a custody battle where you are alienated from your children can seem impossible.  You want instant gratification and you do not know where or whom you should turn to for help.   Do these circumstances sound familiar to you?…