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Marijuana has been a hotly contested topic lately. And we’re beginning to see side effects from more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational use. One study focused on how frequent marijuana use may be causing unexpected health consequences for pregnancy. And, surprisingly, it’s men’s reproductive health that may be at issue.

How Does A Man’s Marijuana Use Contribute To A Woman’s Miscarriage?

We’ve come so far from Reefer Madness that many may not remember that marijuana smoke has been shown to lower sperm count and motility. To put this plainly – fewer sperm are moving slower. A new study from Boston indicates this may not be the only side effect of marijuana smoke. It may also be causing DNA damage. This means that though the sperm cell may be healthy enough to fertilize an egg, it is also more likely to result in a miscarriage in the first eight weeks.

Are The Effects Permanent?

You may be wondering if a man has been a long-time marijuana smoker if that means he can never become a father. Fear not! Though more study is needed to confirm an answer to this question, it is unlikely the damage from marijuana smoke will be permanent. This is mainly because the active ingredient, THC, does not typically linger in the body for more than approximately 30 days. But, because research is showing chemicals found in marijuana to have a direct effect on male reproductive health, it’s important to consider your marijuana habits when family planning.

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