Lung disease, vaping

We’re in uncharted territory when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. While many quality products are on the market, so are black-market products. The number of lung injury cases linked to vaping continues to rise as we learn more about what’s inside these products. And unfortunately, the CDC has yet to identify a specific cause or identified a substance linking the cases together.

How Were Marijuana Vapes Evaluated?

For this particular study, 18 THC cartridges were tested at a leading cannabis testing facility. Their findings? Startling.

Of the 18 samples tested at the CannaSafe lab in California, 3 were from legal dispensaries and 15 were from the black market. The three cartridges from legal dispensaries were clean – no pesticides, residual solvents, or heavy metals. But, here’s the bad news. Thirteen of the fifteen black market products contained vitamin E, which can significantly damage your lungs. Ten products from unlicensed dealers also tested positive for pesticides.

What Do I Need To Know?

Beyond vitamin E and pesticides, there’s another chemical lurking in these products that is very concerning. All 15 products contained a dangerous fungicide called myclobutanil. What’s very disturbing about this chemical is that it can turn into hydrogen cyanide when it’s burned.

Hydrogen cyanide is extremely poisonous and interferes with how the body uses oxygen. So, inhaling myclobutanil via vaping can be very toxic to the body because it can turn into hydrogen cyanide.

Should I Avoid E-Cigarettes And Vaping Products?

At this time, the CDC is advising people to do exactly that. The majority of patients suffering from lung illnesses said they used vapes containing THC, but others say they only used e-cigarettes containing nicotine. So, even this recent round of testing can’t confirm a specific cause. As always, safety is a top concern. So before you buy, consider this:

  • Reputation. Make sure you buy from licensed, reputable companies.
  • Avoid the Black Market. Do not buy vaping products off the street.
  • Time to Quit. Consider kicking the e-cigarette habit to the curb.

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