Heartbreaks are hard, and if you have been through that, you know how painful and debilitating it makes you feel. It seems as your world has crumbled and it is enough to wreak havoc on your mind and body. It leaves giant holes that incessantly pummel your heart, making it more agonizing.

No matter what broke your heart, feeling overwhelmed, distressed and depressed is common. To put it simply, whether it’s a break up, divorce or loss of your loved one, heartbreak feels like the end of the world.

It doesn’t mean that you will never heal but recovering from heartbreak is no doubt a long and rough process. A lot of people understand how emotionally painful a heartbreak is, but they don’t consider the physical pain during this grieving process.

 Does Heartache Cause Physical Pain?

Many studies have shown that heartache has physical responses and physical pain is one of them. Typically, it is called “broken heart syndrome.” Emotions, like anxiety, grief, and anger can trigger this feeling and can lead to heartache and physical pain.

If you want to protect your heart health while going through the grieving process, it is important to understand the effects of heartbreak on your body.

Physical Heartache

There is a reason why it is called heartbreak. The syndrome may cause a physical response, such as chest pain if a person is under intense emotional stress. Current Direction in Psychological Sciences stated in its research that the brain uses the same region to process physical aches and pain associated with heartbreak. This often results in debilitating pain, increased heart palpitation and pressure.

The ideal way to deal with the painful situation is to move on with your everyday life to promote heart health.  Feeling low is normal in the beginning, but once you get into your routine tasks, it helps a lot. For example, a short stroll, few minutes of workout, yoga or maybe cooking, or gardening will help you engage your mind.

Weight Fluctuations

Binging on food to fill the gap that your grief or heartbreak has created is one of the common ways most people deal with heartbreak. You must have seen a lot of characters in movies doing this to get temporary comfort.

There is no denying that the trick helps some people get over their heartbreak, but this temporary solution jeopardizes your health in many ways. The process of over-eating leads to health issues, like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

This reaction, on the other hand, has different effects on some people as they suffer from appetite loss.  Due to agitation and anxiety, they lose interest in food, and that is as dangerous as obesity or any other disease.

Your body needs essential nutrients and proper nourishment to help your brain stay healthy and active during hard times. So, always try to stick to nutritious and healthy foods.


Tossing and turning on the bed, when your heart is broken is another painful part of the grieving process. However, sleep may help you overcome the agony and pain.

Sleep disruptions are one of the common symptoms people experience when it comes to dealing with heartbreak or loss. This is harmful as it may affect the restorative functions in the body. During sleep, the body regenerates deficits and tissues. Sleep deprivation is alarming and can lead to heart attacks, diabetes, immune deficiency, and obesity.

One way to tackle this problem is to give your mind a sense of purpose. Something that you can look forward to, a small goal for a day can be helpful.

Pain or Body Aches

Heartache causes the body to produce inflammatory responses, along with fight-or-flight hormones. The condition is often manifested through symptoms associated with weakness, digestive issues, stomach pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Many doctors suggest practicing mindfulness to prevent these symptoms. You can cultivate your mind to boost not only happiness but also promote health. Take some time out for healthy exercises, such as meditation or yoga to help you regain focus and clear your mind.

Final Thoughts

Overall, heartbreak is undeniably one of the difficult phases one has to go through. Also, it may affect your health if not dealt the right way. The given heartbreak effects and suggestions can be really helpful in protecting your mind and body.




Image, New England Journal of Medicine