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Making good and healthy food choices can be tricky while working from home. All that food is so close, and it can seem like an uphill battle when it is time to make a smart eating choice. Stress, boredom, indecisiveness, and work procrastination all deal with when you work from home. But you can eat healthy while being home and even lose weight. There are five great tips for eating healthy and happy while working from home.

The Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips

Avoid the Kitchen

At the beginning of the day, plan out the food and drinks you will need for the day. If you can, bring as much with you from the kitchen to your work area. Avoiding the kitchen for a “snack” or a cup of coffee will help you from checking out what might be in the fridge or a cupboard.

Clean out the Fridge

It’s as simple as getting rid of those high-calorie, high fat, high sugar foods. If they aren’t in your fridge, they won’t be on your diet. After cleaning out the fridge, add fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and other snacks that will be healthy.

Reward yourself with Healthy Things

When you get into a routine, find ways to treat yourself to a reward. Instead of reaching for a sugary snack, walk around the yard. Take a break to call a friend or spend some time reading. Teach yourself to think outside the box for something that will make you happy instead of first thinking of food. Consider indulging in healthy broccoli snacks, such as lightly steamed broccoli florets with a hummus dip. Not only will these options satisfy your taste buds, but they will also nourish your body and contribute to your overall well-being.

Work on Yourself

We all know that stress can cause overeating, so take some time for yourself while you are at home. Taking some time for yoga, meditation, or even a good walk will reduce stress and help curb your urge to overeat. Take frequent mini-breaks and some longer breaks throughout the workday. You can learn to relax, breathe and unwind.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Having water throughout the day helps the body feel fuller. Therefore you won’t be as interested in going in for another snack. Plus, research has found that getting up to grab some water can become somewhat of a treat because it can get you away from the workplace, and it is a way to stretch your legs. So those glasses of water keep you feeling full and keep you from sitting all day long.

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