Did you know that you can help your brain at the dinner table? Boosting your brainpower can be tasty and easy. Add oily fish to your diet to get more omega-3 and add more iron-rich foods like beans. Leafy salad greens are water-rich and help to support healthy cognitive function.

Five Powerful Brain-Boosting Foods

Tomatoes – Fresh and cooked tomatoes are great for brain health. Research has found that tomatoes improve the health and elasticity of the brain. Plus, cooked tomatoes have high amounts of lycopene which is great for eyes and nerve health.

Brain-Boosting Fish Filet 

Dark Chocolate – Contains a lot of cocoa known to help modulate hormones. This modulation can reduce depression, moodiness, and fatigue. Research has found that dark chocolate protects the brain from free radicals and helps improve problem-solving skills.

Apples & Dark Chocolate Nachos 

Blueberries – Contain powerful antioxidant anthocyanins and have been found to stimulate the brain and improve mood. Blueberries can improve memory and may postpone cognitive problems associated with aging.

Brain-Boosting Smoothie 

Broccoli – Contains vast amounts of calcium and magnesium. Both nutrients help the brain process data and protect it from oxidative stress. Broccoli may boost cognitive function and helps to fight depression.

Brain-Boosting Coleslaw 

Eggs – Supplies protein for your muscles, lutein for your eyes, and choline to boost memory. Eggs are an excellent way to help your brain retain its data.

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