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Everyone loves a good laugh but did you know that “belly buster” or “chortle” just might be good for your health as well?

Laughter Reduces Pain

Researchers have found that having a good laugh is a great way to reduce pain. Studies have found that laughing not only distracts people from the aches and pains but it helps to release endorphins into your system. Endorphin is the feel-good hormone. A recent study found that just 15 minutes of laughter can increase pain tolerance by nearly 10% The researchers found that the endorphin released was very similar to a natural “high” which leads to feelings of calm, and temporary pain relief

Laughter Helps Depression

Researchers have found that laughter is beneficial to people who suffer from SAD or full-blown depression. Studies have found that the act of laughing reduces tension, and stress and has the ability to lower anxiety and irritation. These factors contribute to depression. A study found that using laughter therapy helped to reduce depression in older patients by inducing feelings of well-being and aided in improving social interactions.

Laughter is good for your heart

Recent studies have found that people who enjoy laughing and laugh often are helping their hearts. Research has found that laughing helps to increase oxygen-rich blood flow in your body. Endorphins are released which creates a chemical rush that counters the negative feelings and stress. Studies and researchers have found that laughing is similar to a good workout or listening to music in regard to the release of endorphins.

Laughter helps to burn calories

You might not want to stop going to the gym or that long walk but laughing does burn calories. Laughter isn’t a workout plan but it does add a small assist to the fitness goal. When you laugh, you raise your heart rate and you raise your ability to burn calories. Research has found that having a good laugh can burn between 10-40 calories depending on how hard you are laughing over a 15-minute period.

Laughter is good for your memory

A recent study found that laughter can boost short-term memory. Researchers determined that laughter helped short-term memory by nearly 25%. Not only did short-term memory increase but they found that the level of the stress hormone cortisol was greatly reduced. The study found that laughter may represent an enjoyable and beneficial tool to help battle and counteract age-related memory decline in older adults.

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