According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, “First-degree family members of individual with major depressive disorder have a risk for major depressive disorder two-to fourfold higher than that of the general population….Heritability is approximately 40%…”

However, from a Self-Coaching Perspective: There seems to be little debate that depression has a genetic component, however, it’s imperative to view this not as a life sentence, but a tendency towards depression. It’s true that your “plastic” brain comes pre-wired–to a certain respect–however, this “wiring” is constantly being modified and changed by your experiences throughout your life. You may be more susceptible, i.e., “pre-wired” to have a lower threshold to depression, but just like with a genetic disposition toward alcoholism or obesity, this doesn’t mean you will become an alcoholic or obese. If insecurity is left unchecked and if your life becomes caught up in a compulsive, ongoing controlling struggle, you will be at risk. The bottom line is that genetics or not, insecurity is the variable.




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Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D.


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