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Modernize_Picture2It’s usually around Wednesday that we start to wish we could just take a vacation from work, or the general stress of life. Sometimes it’s even Monday! While vacations are rewarding, they can also be impractical on short notice. But here at Modernize, we’ve found that setting up your own little oasis as a yoga studio can have an incredible effect on your mood, health, and stress levels. So next time you can’t jump on a plane to Cabo, consider these tips to set up your staycation.

Set Up Your Quiet Space for Yoga

Pick a spot in your home with a bit of privacy. Obviously, a spare room would be wonderful, but if you don’t have that much extra space, just find a location in the house that’s away from the street and traffic noise. Bonus points if it’s near a window because natural light is vital for happiness and health.

Once you find your location, evaluate how much room you have to set up your yoga space. If you have just a small area, you can purchase a yoga mat and a few props, and include a basket for towels. If you have an entire room, you can set up mirrors and include storage for essential oils, clothing, and accessories.

Decorate your yoga space in a way that invigorates you. If you love bright colors, spring for a joyful marigold wall color. Cool slate grey or calming blue accents can soothe your nerves. Art can serve as a focal point during difficult poses, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with your decor. Finally, set up a speaker system, so you can play some tranquil background music during your sessions.

Having everything you need will help you maintain focus, which leads to fewer distractions during your practice and curates a calmer mind.


Be All By Yourself for Yoga

As humans, we are social by nature. We thrive in partnerships and communities, but that doesn’t mean we always want to be surrounded by others. Personal time is essential for optimal health and happiness, and practicing yoga will give you that “me” time your body needs.

Yoga is a highly individualized practice. Once you begin, your body will advance at a different speed than anyone else. In that way, it’s truly wonderful, because you can’t compare yourself to others. Each practice is one’s own. Once you get into the habit of doing yoga several times a week, your body will respond, and you will be able to set new goals and achieve them. This personal success will motivate you in other areas of life, and it will significantly improve your self-confidence.

Creating a separate yoga space that is just your own is important because as soon as you enter this room, you will start to feel calmer. You’ll get into the “zone” of relaxation, personal strength, and exercise. It’s an area of your home that you don’t have to share, and though that may sound selfish, it’s completely necessary for your happiness.


A Place to Practice Yoga is Important

Another benefit of having your own yoga space is constant access. Yoga requires a ton of practice, and unlimited access to yoga studios can be quite expensive—plus, you have to abide by the studio’s schedule. If you work long hours, you may miss out on these classes, so having your own space will motivate you to practice more and with greater determination.

Keep a journal nearby and document your progress. Take pictures and even use this journal to meditate or reflect on insights gained from the practice. You’ll be reaping the benefits in no time, so namaste!

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