New research suggests that sunlight might be able to destroy the coronavirus. After a presentation by the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division, President Trump suggested that ultraviolet or very powerful light could be used to kill the virus inside an infected person. 

Contrary to the President’s statements, the research only shows that direct solar light can quickly kill the coronavirus on surfaces and in the air. This is good news since we’re heading towards sunnier weather. Where ultraviolet light is concerned, however, we have to be careful. Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can cause cancer. But it’s important to note the research only touched on viruses found in the air and on surfaces. It did not include the effects of light on the virus inside an infected person’s body.

Coronavirus in Summer

Right now, all we know is that this virus is extremely contagious and is still infecting people in countries currently experiencing warmer weather. But it is possible that the summer heat could slow the spread of the virus and cause it to transmit less effectively. Instead of relying on warmer weather to eradicate the virus, we should continue following proven prevention steps such as social distancing and hand washing. Our isolation and hygiene initiatives have made an impact on Michigan’s coronavirus case numbers.

Do Not Inject Disinfectants

President Trump made some troubling remarks about injecting disinfectants into a person infected with coronavirus to clean their lungs. Some people are very fearful and may not make the best decisions to protect themselves. So, to be clear, under no circumstances should anyone ever inject disinfectants into their body. Disinfectants include any type of household cleaners – likely containing bleach or isopropyl alcohol. Injecting these into your body can be lethal, even if it’s just a small amount. These remarks were so misguided that the maker of Lysol released a statement saying, “under no circumstance should disinfectant products be administered into the human body.” Please do not inject, drink, spray, or use any other method to attempt to get disinfectants or cleaners into your body. You must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines listed on the label and only apply these products to surfaces, where they will be effective at killing germs.

Stay vigilant when anyone speaks or speculates about any type of imaginable “cure” for the coronavirus. 

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