The Novel Coronavirus Was Created In A Lab

Many conspiracy theories have been passed around on social media and through videos on YouTube stating that this new virus came from a lab and has now created the pandemic. Always remember, that spreading false information can create panic while reducing the effectiveness of the proper information from reputable sources.

False Information

The world had no idea about this novel coronavirus until early December 2019. A resident from a rural area of China went to Wuhan. Wuhan is the largest city in the Hubei province infected with a coronavirus normally found in bats. This virus somehow jumped from the bat species to humans. The virus is called SARS-CoV-2. Scientists think the virus may have jumped through an unknown intermediate species similar to the SARS outbreak. The virus mutated which is what RNA viruses are known to do in Wuhan. With the mutation, the COVID-19 virus was now capable of transmitting between humans easier and rapidly. Research has found that this coronavirus originated for the “L” virus which seems to target and kill the cells that line the alveoli (tiny air sacs) which help the exchange of oxygen to take place in the deepest parts of the lung. When the alveoli are damaged, oxygen cannot reach the blood which causes the need for ventilation and hospitalization.

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