We all know that being in love makes us feel elated, but it’s not just in our heads.

There actually is scientific evidence of romance’s blissful effects on the brain. Dr. Braverman references a study from Rutgers University that found participants, when they looked at photos of people they deeply love, had an increase of dopamine brain activity, which is associated with optimism, energy and a sense of well-being. Talk about being high on love! Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and author of Why Him? Why Her? supports this notion: “The bottom line is, the dopamine rush that comes from being in love gives you tremendous energy and optimism.”

Immune System

Science has found a correlation between love and the immune system.  Couples who are happy and engage in positive conflict resolution tend to have a better performing immune system.  Couples who displayed the most negative behavior during fights tended to have immune systems that became weaker immediately after the conflict according to one study.  If the couples were more positive in their fights tended to have a stronger immune system.  The key to a more positive resolution in a fight?  Do not retreat or stonewall each other.

Lower Death Rates

In 2004, the CDC found that the death rates were lowest in married couples.  Researchers believe that people are less stressed when they are in committed long term healthy relationships.  The less stress means better health for both people in the couple.  Studies have also found that when men get married, they give up some of their risky behaviors like smoking and heavy drinking which usually leads to a longer and healthier life. 

Cardiovascular Health

Being in love may improve your cardiovascular health.  Research has found that since humans are “social animals” which creates biological drives.  These drives that make relationships something we desire.  When we cannot find these relationships that we desire, we are filled with stress.  Scientists have found that people in a good relationship experience less stress which aids in our cardiovascular health.  Studies have found that people who do not have the stable happy relationship tend to have an increased rate of heart attacks.  This is found in greater numbers in those who have been widowed.

Physically Fit

Being in love might just help you get more physically fit.  No, you aren’t getting out of the gym and working out but studies have found that couples who work out together, are more successful in the programs than those who do it alone.  Research has found that nearly 1/2 of people who exercise alone quit after 1 year, meanwhile 2/3 of those couples who work out together last longer than a year.  Plus, trainers have found that both men and women train harder when they workout with each other.   

Period Health

Research has found that love and making love has been shown to help women who suffer from irregular periods can regulate them by having sex once a week.  Having sex once a week raises the levels of estrogen which will help regulate periods.  Love has also been found to lessen the feeling of pain.  Researchers looked at people who were tested by being given an electrical shock and then found that those who were holding their partner’s hand felt less pain and their perception of pain was lessened.    Women who were in happy marriages felt less pain than any other group tested.


Science has shown that there is actual factual evidence in regards to love and our brains.  A recent study has shown that people when shown a picture of someone they truly love have a drastic increase of dopamine in the brain activity.  Dopamine has been found to be involved with energy, optimism and well being.  Researchers say that being in love and the rush one gets with the added dopamine increases the levels of energy and optimism.

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