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The Super Bowl – some people live for that day of football fun, food, drinks, friends, and heart attacks? Research suggests an increase in the cases of heart attacks on big game days, including Super Bowl Sunday. Researchers indicate that salty, high-calorie foods may cause your platelets to stick together, which can help prime you for a heart attack. Plus, many people get incredibly stressed during the game, which adds stress to the heart. Doctors believe the emotional excitement of the game and the more than moderate drinking that happens at events create more stress and dehydration.

Studies have shown that those Super Bowl viewers with diabetes, high blood pressure, and underlying cardio disease are at even more risk of a potential heart attack. Doctors have found that these underlying medical conditions, combined with overdoing it with fatty food and alcohol, stress the body and heart.

If You Are Going to a Super Bowl Party or You Are Hosting One Yourself, We Have Some Suggestions:

  1. Eat healthy before, after, and during the game as much as possible
  2. Drink one glass of water after each alcoholic beverage.
  3. Take a breath or walk if you need to de-stress

These pointers can also be helpful during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are surrounded by more stress and tend to eat and drink more.

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