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Dr. Nandi’s Short Bio:

Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P is the creator and host of the internationally syndicated medical lifestyle television show, Ask Dr. Nandi. Dr. Nandi is the Chief Health Editor at WXYZ ABC Detroit, a practicing physician and a renowned international speaker, his appearances include TedX, college commencements, numerous charity functions, premier medical meetings such as Digestive Disease Week, and nationally syndicated television programs such as The Katie Couric Show.

Dr. Nandi has partnered with the Ministry of Health in multiple countries, including Jamaica and India, and collaborated with The World Health Organization; in multiple arenas throughout the globe, Dr. Nandi delivers passionate and inspiring talks to diverse audiences. He continues to travel to international conferences and symposia, meeting with global health leaders on his quest to improve health care quality, access, and advocacy; to empower the world in his mission, “To Be Your Own Health Hero.”

Dr. Nandi’s Background:

Dr. Nandi has a diverse background. Born in Calcutta India, he immigrated to the United States as a child. At the age of 16, he completed his high school education in Columbus, Ohio where he was awarded a full academic scholarship to The Ohio State University and University of Notre Dame.

To remain closer to his family, he chose Ohio State. Partha graduated summa cum laude (Top 1% of the class), a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society, with a Bachelors degree in chemistry and a minor in classical Greek civilization. Partha also served as the Rhodes Scholar representative from Ohio State and was voted the Homecoming King, amongst 55,000 students enrolled at the time.
Partha then traveled to Detroit, Michigan to obtain his medical degree at Wayne State University. At Wayne State, he was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha honor society and graduated in the top 10% of the class. He also completed his internal medicine training at Wayne State University, where he was the intern of the year. He completed his gastroenterology fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Dr. Nandi practices gastroenterology in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of several publications in peer reviewed journals. He is a national speaker, educating physicians on various topics within medicine. He is a patient advocate, emphasizing empathy in patient care and treatment of the entire patient, both body and mind.
He is married to Kali Nandi, has a daughter and two young sons. He is an avid sports fan, especially basketball, tennis, and football. Whether it’s the Detroit Pistons, Tigers, Lions, or Red Wings, he is a loyal supporter of Detroit sports! Partha is passionate, empathetic and dedicated to his patients and his community.

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