It is easy to point fingers at the causes of the terrible tragedies that happen every day around the world. We must all stop pointing fingers at others and look squarely at ourselves.

How to Stop Blamming

Each and every adult began life as a child. Each and every child in the entire world is in need of guidance… loving, consistence guidance. Each and every child that does not receive loving guidance in their childhood, will nearly without exception, become a troubled adult. This is evidenced every day.

We must stop blaming one another, but rather lay the blame squarely at our own feet. If we as adults do not teach our children, we cannot blame them. We must blame ourselves. If anyone witnesses an adult not leading a child with loving guidance, we must speak up. When adults who as children did not learn self-control, self-responsibility and self-leadership, run amuck, we cannot be surprised.

When we train soldiers, and after their deployment give them employment as police officers, we cannot un-train the soldier out of them. We must stop putting people in dangerous positions and expect them not to react. It is unrealistic.

We must begin with our children, teaching them Love, Respect, Cooperation, Tolerance, Insight, Problem-solving, Forgiveness, Understanding, Critical Thinking. We MUST teach these things, for without this understanding – NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will change.

So men, before you become fathers, ask yourself, are you ready for this most important journey? Men, teach your sons to be dignified, caring, supportive and loving men. Women, before you become mothers, ask yourself, are you ready for this most important journey? Women, teach your daughters to be dignified, caring, supportive and loving women.

We must stop pointing fingers. Rather, take the hand of a child and help them to grow into loving, intelligent, creative, insightful, honest, just, forgiving, tolerant people and happy people.

No longer point fingers. Hold Hands!

About Elaine M. Grohman

Elaine Grohman
Elaine M. Grohman, CHTP, APP, ATP

I teach people how to establish and maintain a direct connection to our Living Earth, literally helping us to “stand on solid ground.” Body. Mind. Spirit. And Emotions. This provides an understanding that there are simple things that can be done every day, throughout the day, to loosen the grip of worn out thinking, unhealthy beliefs and limiting emotions. Healing is an inside job and we need healthy thinking and actions to influence our choices so that we can begin to heal our world and ourselves.

I can introduce you to who you really are – so that you can begin to loosen the ties that have held you back from healing on many levels. Life is a beautiful Gift.

Elaine is author of the books:
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