How Can We Develop A Better Cold Temperature Tolerance?

First and foremost, turning up the thermostat will not help you adjust to cold weather. It is also costly for both your pocketbook and the environment. Instead, face the cold head-on by actually allowing yourself to become cold. It seems counter-intuitive, I know. But, over time your body will adjust and you’ll feel warmer in cooler temperatures. As daunting as it sounds, taking the polar plunge into a cold shower is one of the fastest ways to acclimate to the cold. Start with 15-second showers and add 10 seconds each day until your body has adjusted.

Can Everyone Benefit From Cold Showers?

Cold showers are safe for most people. If you are healthy, there is typically minimal risk to cold showers in cold temperatures. However, if you have health issues or heart trouble, please be very cautious. Colder temperatures cause our blood vessels to contract, which raises blood pressure. So if you have heart disease, exposing yourself to wintry temperatures could trigger a heart attack.

Cold Shower? No Thanks. What Else?

The goal here is to gain comfort, not lose it! Your goal is to gradually acclimate to colder temperatures, not freeze yourself to death! You also want to be cognizant of extremities like your feet and hands. You’re building your cold-tolerance muscle through gradual exposure to help you become more resistant to the cold. Now, if you’re still not convinced, you can try a few other tricks to acclimate. You can keep layers to a minimum, keep the thermostat low, avoid hot beverages and spend time outdoors in the cooler temperatures. Don’t forget to soak in the fall colors while you’re at it!

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