Kate Spade, a famous American fashion designer, philanthropist, wife to Andy Spade, and mother to Frances Spade, died in her apartment on June 5th, 2018. Police determined the cause was suicide, as she appeared to have hung herself. On Tuesday morning, Kate was found unconscious by her housekeeper, who promptly called 911.

“We are all devastated by today’s tragedy,” the Spade family said. “We loved Kate dearly and will miss her terribly. We would ask that our privacy be respected as we grieve during this tough time.” (1)

Kate’s 13-year-old daughter (Frances) was at school when Kate’s body was discovered. Her husband was home. Kate left a note which allegedly contained comments for Frances, telling her that the suicide wasn’t her fault and to talk to her daddy.

The public has been shocked by the news of Kate’s death. Her fans have made statements worldwide, including Chelsea Clinton and Josh Groban.

Kate Spade was a generous philanthropist, donating large amounts of money to support economic equality for women through her Kate Spade & Company Foundation. As a person, she was said to be approachable, cheerful, and ambitious. Kate is known for her billion-dollar brand of handbags and colorful accessories, which she and her husband founded in 1993. Her brand, Kate Spade New York, now encompasses over 140 stores in the United States and 175 stores globally.

Suicide In Adults

Suicide among adults is a severe problem in the United States but isn’t discussed as much as a teen and young adult suicide. Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death for adults aged 18-65, and for women who are Kate’s age occurs in 9 per 100,000 people. (2)

Kate Spade was known to suffer from depression, but no one seemed to know how serious her condition had become. Although education and awareness surrounding mental illness expand and resources for those who suffer, many people are still slipping through the cracks.

If you or someone you love is struggling with mental illness or thoughts of suicide, reach out for help. No one has to go through this alone. There are answers, and there is hope. Read and learn more about Suicide Prevention and learn the signs of suicidal behaviors by clicking here:

Hotlines & Resources


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